Conversion Tracking
This guide describes how to set up and use the Conversion Tracking feature


A user can perform various actions in an app: send a message to a friend, upvote an article or add something to a shopping cart. Marketing specialists treasure this information as it helps to understand the audience and find ways to achieve business goals. One of such goals is conversion increase, or getting as many users as possible to act according to your needs.
To put it simply, Conversion is a desired action performed by a user. The Conversion Rate is the ratio of conversions to push opens. Conversion Tracking shows the conversion rate of your pushes and the revenue generated on this event.

How it works

When a user performs a specific action in your application, a postEvent API method gets fired. Our backend registers the number of times this method was fired in the application. The process is the following:
1. You launch a campaign or send a push message;

Setting up an Event

To configure Events in your app, please see this guide.
2. A user receives a push notification and opens the message;
3. When a user performs any action in the app, Pushwoosh SDK fires a postEvent method;
4. Our server tracks the number of postEvent calls, or the number of conversions;
5. In your push statistics, we show the number of event hits and the conversion rate.

Tracking Revenue

If you have Purchase Events set up, we will also show the revenue generated by this push campaign!
In case there are multiple events in the app, the statistics will show the Top 5. You can check the conversion rate for each action in the drop-down menu.

Using with Campaigns

If a push message is a part of a push campaign, you can monitor the Conversion Rate in the Campaign Stats section:
Link your Push Campaign to a Preset so you can use it with other features such as Autopushes, Geozone notifications, etc.
Last modified 10mo ago