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Get the whole picture of your marketing campaigns’ efficiency with comprehensive statistics
Messaging Campaigns were designed to organize millions of messages you send out daily. No more searching for the most important one sent who knows how many days ago.
Pushwoosh lets you pull together all data that serves the same purpose to see the bigger picture. Scheduled and automated pushes, Geozones, iBeacons, seasonal greetings to your family – every push that drives you closer to success can be seen working as a part of the team.

Setting up Campaigns in Pushwoosh Control Panel

To find all your campaigns, navigate to Channels -> Statistics -> Campaigns -> more info.
To start collecting your stats, press Add Campaign and create one.

Adding your notifications to the Campaign

Once the campaign is created, you can assign a Campaign ID to any push message you send, be it a manual bulk message sent from your Pushwoosh Control Panel, API push to a single device, a Geozone, or an Autopush. Of course, you can stack pushes from various sources in a single campaign.
When sending pushes through API, use the "campaign":"CAMPAIGN_CODE" in your /createMessage request. You can obrain the campaign code from the URL bar when creating a campaign in the Control Panel.

Tracking results

For each campaign, you will be able to see a history of all messages sent with the same campaign, get the daily statistics on the click through rate, compare daily performance, and even monitor the Conversion Rate for particular Events. You'll find the stats on Channels -> Statistics -> Campaigns -> more info.
Keep track, stay informed, react fast!