RSS Feeds

Send broadcast notifications with latest RSS feed entries to all your app subscribers

Setting up RSS Feeds

To keep customers posted is a crucial point of engagement and retention strategies. Let users know what's new about your business, industry, or what's happening in the world right now! Send broadcast notifications with latest RSS feed entries to all your app subscribers.
Go to the RSS Feeds in your Pushwoosh Control Panel.
Click Add RSS Feed button. Enter a name and URL of the RSS feed.
Set up a polling interval in seconds to update the feed. By default, the RSS feed is updated every hour. The minimum allowed value is 60 seconds.
Choose between sending only one latest entry from the RSS feed and sending all new entries, each in a separate push message.
Please note that push title's limited to 256 characters (including spaces). The exceeding part of the RSS entry’s title will be cropped.
To open a feed entry URL once a user taps a push, tick the Open RSS feed entry checkbox. Otherwise, your app will be opened upon a tap.
You can choose the URL shortener in the corresponding drop-down field or use no shortener for RSS feed entry's URL. Please note that push notification payload size is limited, so consider creating short URLs not to exceed the limit.
To specify additional push parameters, add JSON key-value pairs to the Custom Data field.
You can use Segments to send RSS entries to a specific segment of your audience. To gather statistics of RSS feed push notifications within a particular Campaign, choose the Campaign from the drop-down.
To enable a default sound for a push notification, tick the iOS Sound checkbox. Otherwise, it'll be silent.
The feed is updated according to the polling interval you set up, but you can force-refresh it manually at any time.
Images and titles from RSS feed entries can be attached to RSS push notifications. Images are displayed as iOS Media Attachment or Android Banner for every push message containing RSS feed entry. Titles are filled with a <title> tag values, while a push notification is a <description> tag value.
To enable these options for your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager or our Customer Support Team.