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Promote News

Be the first to deliver breaking news
Simple and neat, the Promote News functionality lets you send news push notifications in a catch of an eye. With just a couple of clicks, your push message is ready to send!

Generate message

1. Go to the project -> Push Notifications -> Promote News section.
2. Paste the URL of your news piece to the Source URL field.
Make sure the web page specified has the following meta tags: "og:title", "og:description", and "og:image".
3. Press Generate message.
The Message section will be filled automatically with the data parsed from the web page you specified:
  • Title (taken from the og:title meta tag)
  • Message (taken from the og:description meta tag)
  • Icon (taken from the og:image meta tag)
  • Image (taken from the og:image meta tag)
Here, you can make any changes if find it necessary.
You can skip the message generation step and enter the message title and content manually.
On the right of the screen, you'll see the preview of the message generated. Check out how it looks on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows devices.

Set Action

By default, the URL you specify opens in user’s browsers once they tap on a push. For mobile users, the URL will open in their mobile browser unless you set the Deep Link taking users directly to the specific page in your app.
Set the Deep Links following the guide.

Choose audience

By default, the notification is sent to all your project subscribers no matter what platform they are using your app or site. You can choose the segment of users who will receive the message:
  • If you’re going to send the message to mobile or web users only, select the mobile or web platforms.
  • To message to a pre-created audience segment, select a Filter.
Once everything’s ready, take a glance at how the push will look on users’ devices and press Woosh!