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Geo-based push

Deliver relevant and well-timed location-based push notifications
Basically, Geozones are pins on the map that allow sending automatically triggered push notifications right at the moment a user enters the specified area on the map. Its range can be set from 50 to 1000 meters, and it has an adjustable cooldown period.
Geozones might be convenient for marketing/sales departments of different stores, shops, restaurants and other places that need to get attention of those who pass by. For instance, you can set a Geozone for your Starducks cafe, so that each time a user passes by this coffee place, he or she will receive a notification about special offers on croissants and coffee of the day in your cafe.
For Google Play apps, you have to get approval for your app’s access to location in the background. Please refer to the Google Play policy and submit the permissions declaration prior to collecting users’ locations.



To implement Geozones into your iOS app, please use this guide.


For Android, follow this guide.
Currently, geo-based messaging is not available for HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) devices as it’s built upon Google location services.

Setting up Geozones

In order to set the Geozone all you have to do is to follow the steps below:
Go to your Pushwoosh Control Panel, select the application and click the Geozones icon. There you can see the list of existing Geozones for the chosen application. Click Add Geozone to create a new one.
Name your new Geozone, and write the notification text for it. You can select the area on the map by setting the pin on the map, specify the address, or use the longitude & latitude boxes.
You can also set the range in meters (not more than 1000m) and the cooldown time.
Geozones Cooldown Period is the silent period after sending a notification. If there are two featured locations in the neighborhood, you will get one notification for each of them when you pass them by, but you won’t get any on your way back if it will happen during the cooldown time.
Combining several Geozones into one cluster, you can set the cooldown period that will apply for all Geozones in that cluster. As a result, a user who has received a notification from one of the cluster’s Geozones won’t receive pushes from any others until the cooldown period expires.
Geozone Timetable allows you to schedule when your zones are working and when they are disabled.

Message Inbox

To keep Geozone message in users' Inbox, check the Save to Inbox checkbox.
Set up how long to keep messages in Inbox in days by changing the Days to leave field's value.
Please note that the max available period to keep messages in Inbox is 14 days.
To display custom icon near the Geozone message in Inbox, enter image URL into the Inbox icon field.
Click on Save Geozone, and that's it!