Push to a contact list

Segment your audience by using CSV files with users' identifiers
To use the CSV push feature you'll need:
  • Configured push preset for push notification
  • CSV file with device identifiers exported from your data warehouse

Sending a CSV Push

1. Go to your application in Pushwoosh Control Panel -> Push notification -> Push to a contact list.
2. Hit the Upload CSV file button and browse for a *.csv file with the device identifiers.
3. Select a column with the device identifiers from the uploaded CSV file.
Supported device identifiers:
  • HWID — Pushwoosh Hardware ID taken from Pushwoosh SDK
  • Push Token — Device push token
  • User ID — external user ID set for the device (See Push by User ID for more information).
4. Specify column type.
5. Select a preset for the push message.
6. By default, the message is sent immediately once you press Woosh. To specify the date and time at which the push should be sent, check the Schedule for specific date and time checkbox.
To set a date, press the Calendar icon next to the field.
To set a time, press the Clock icon at the bottom of the calendar.

Frequency capping

Frequency capping settings allow limiting the number of push notifications sent to a particular user within a specified period. If no capping is set, the message will be sent to all contacts from the CSV.
Check the checkbox "Specify capping rules" to set up the capping rules.
Specify the max number of push messages that can be sent to the user and the period to be applied.
Please note that frequency capping takes into account push notifications of all sources, including Triggered Messages, Autopushes, Geozone pushes, etc.
The example given above means that in case a user has received ten push notifications from your app within the last 30 days, they won't receive the push message.

Message Inbox

To keep CSV Push in users’ Inbox, check the Save to Inbox checkbox.
Set up the date to remove a push notification from Inbox. Please note that by default, it's set to the day next to the current date. Make sure to set the removal date for scheduled CSV pushes.
Please note that the max available period to keep messages in Inbox is 14 days.
To display a custom icon near the Geozone message in Inbox, enter the image URL into the Inbox image URL field.