Cancel Android pushes

Learn how to cancel push notifications sent to Android devices
Available for the 6.4.0 Android SDK version and further
Sometimes you might need to remove sent push notifications from the end-user devices remotely, for example, if you accidentally send a test push to the whole audience or make a mistake in a message. Starting from the 6.4.0 Android SDK release, you can cancel push notifications sent to Android devices with a few simple steps.

How to cancel Android pushes

  1. 1.
    Go to the Message History and copy a Message ID of the notification you’re going to cancel.
2. Switch to the One-time push section and, on the Android settings tab, create a silent Android push with the following root parameters: {“CancelID”: MESSAGE_ID}, where MESSAGE_ID is a numerical ID you get from the Message History.
3. Make sure to check the Silent Push checkbox.
4. Press Woosh!
All devices that receive this silent push will cancel the notification with the specified ID. If there is no such notification on a device, nothing will happen.
To remove a push notification via the API, add the following key-value pair to the android_root_params key of the /createMessage request:
"android_root_params": {