Boost repeat purchases

Boosting repeat purchases is easy with push notifications! This tutorial will show you how to do this.

Tracking purchases in your app

We need to segment the users who already made a purchase from the ones who didn't. To achieve this, we need to track purchases in the app (and yes, you can do that on web with push notifications too! ask us how!).
Use the following code snippet for iOS and Android in your app every time user makes a purchase.
PushNotificationManager.push().sendPurchase("Fancy Dress", withPrice: NSDecimalNumber.init(decimal: 19.15), currencyCode: "USD", andDate: Date())
[[PushNotificationManager pushManager] sendPurchase:@"Fancy Dress" withPrice:[NSDecimalNumber decimalNumberWithString:@"19.95"] currencyCode:@"USD" andDate:[NSDate date]];
PushManager.trackInAppRequest(getApplicationContext(), "Fancy Dress", new BigDecimal("19.95"), "USD", new Date());
See more about integration of in-app purchase tracking for iOS and Android
The code above will populate "In-app Purchase" default Pushwoosh tag, designed to track how much your users are spending in the app. Its value automatically increments every time a user makes a purchase.

Creating paid user segments

Go to the Filters section and create a filter for "In-App Purchase" tag is not zero. Name it "Paid users".

Sending push notification to the buyers

Enter the message you want to send to your users, in our case we are going to offer a 20% discount on "Textured Coat" to boost sales.
Then go to the Segmentation tab, and select our "Paid users" segment.
That's it! Your message will go to users who have already made a purchase in your app.