Rate My App in-app message

Ask users for feedback with an in-app message in moments of happiness and get the highest ratings
What is the rating of your app on the App Store?
Let's face it: an unhappy user will rate your app with 2 stars while a happy one wouldn't rate at all - he's already happy! As a result, the rating of the app decreases.
The Rate My App in-app message allows you to encourage happy users to rate your app. Let's take a look at how to deal with the Rate My App through the Pushwoosh Demo App example.

1. Preparing Rich Media

Go to the Rich Media tab in your Pushwoosh Control Panel and press Edit for the Rate My App template.
Here you can edit the content of the template. Don't forget to change the "Rate Now" URL for your app URL.
Press Save.

2. Adding In-App Message

Go to the In-Apps section and click on Create In-App.
Give it a name and select Rate My App from the Rich Media list.

3. Choosing audience segment

We want to target users who are familiar with the app and have tried some of the app's features already. That will give us the loyal audience for the 5-star ratings.
Let's show the Rate My App in-app message to the users who installed the app at least 7 days ago.

4. Scheduling the In-App Message

Choose the Event triggering Rate My App in order to show the in-app message at the appropriate time - when a user is "happy" with your app or has achieved some result. For the Pushwoosh Demo App let's use the CheckoutSuccess event which means the user's just finished a purchase in the app.

5. Frequency capping

Capping allows you to set up a limit of impressions of your in-app message to a particular user. We do not want to display this In-App Message every time user performs the checkout. On the other hand, we want to show this message at some point later, for example, when we release an update of the app. To achieve that let's limit this In-App message to 1 impression per 30 days.

6. See it in Action!

Now go to the Pushwoosh Demo App, add the item to the cart and check out.
Voila! We have "Rate My App" In-App Message!

7. But wait! There's more! Let's track the ratings!

As you can see the user can select the number of stars with this In-App. Let's track this!
We have already created a code in this In-App message that posts "Rate My App" event with "rating" parameter to Pushwoosh every time user rates.
if (window.pushManager) {
event: 'Rate My App',
attributes: {
rating: rate
Now let's go to "Events" section of the Pushwoosh Control Panel and create a "Rate My App" event.
Go back to the app and rate it one more time! (you might need to remove frequency capping for this)
Now you can view the stats on the rating selection your users make in the app! And you can even dive deeper to see the exact ratings made by users.
Now you are ready to have more 5 star ratings and positive reviews in the App Store, which in turn will drive a better rating for your app, a better position in the App Store, meaning more installs and more revenue as a final result!