Recurring email

Set up periodic emails sent automatically based on scheduling and segmentation rules
We are going to completely remove Triggerred Messages section from Pushwoosh starting May 15th 2022.
Please, migrate your existing Triggered Messages to the Customer Journey. Feel free to contact Product team in case of any help required.
Automate your email messaging with user-centric Autoemails sent periodically to your app's subscribers. Save time and efforts on email marketing while taking all its advantages!
Just create an Email Preset, set up targeting and scheduling, and forget about everyday messaging routine.
Follow three simple steps to set up an Autoemail.

1. Create Autoemail

Go to a project-> Email-> Recurring email and press Add autoemail.
Give a name to your autoemail.
Select an email preset to be sent.
Please refer to the Presets guide to learn more on creating and using Email Presets.

2. Schedule the autoemail

Set up the frequency of Autoemail sending and time at which users should receive it. The message will be sent to all devices matching segmentation criteria at the time you specified.
Please note that the first Autoemail will be sent after 24 hours from the moment you set it up.
If the Autopush isn't Timezone Sensitive, it'll be sent at a specified time according to your Pushwoosh account timezone settings. To change your account timezone settings, go to My Account -> Edit Profile.
Specify the date to deactivate the Autoemail on. Alternatively, you can manually stop sending the Autoemails at any time.

3. Segment the audience

Set up the segmentation rules using Tags or send the autoemail to all the app subscribers by unchecking the Use conditions checkbox.
Use Tag values to define a target audience. Pushwoosh will keep audience segments up-to-date and send targeted emails at the time you specified.
Add as many conditions as you find necessary to define a segment, then press Save.
Please note that the audience segment includes only users who meet all the conditions simultaneously.
The segmentation conditions of a Preset you've chosen are also applied for the Autoemail. They are combined with the Autoemail segmentation rules so that the Autoemail is sent to users who comply with both Autoemail and Email Preset segmentation rules simultaneously.

4. Get statistics

If you want to gather Autoemail statistics within a particular Campaign, select the corresponding one from the drop-down list.
You can see the statistics of the Autoemail on the Message History tab in your Pushwoosh Control Panel.
To see and analyze key metrics of the Autoemail as a part of a Campaign, go to the Campaigns section and take a look at Autoemail statistics.