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View statistics for the entire campaign and each journey element
All the stats for each element of the journey and the journey as a whole is presented in the customer journey dashboard. Keep track of your journey's effectiveness and improve your campaigns based on accurate analytics!

Overall journey statistics

Viewing statistics

We track the audience that passes through the journey, and it's displayed on the canvas. A counter on an arrow after each journey element represents the overall number of customers who have completed this step.
On the side panel of every active journey, the overall journey stats is presented in the key numerical indicators:
  • Total entries – shows how many times users entered the journey (including non-unique users).
  • Users engaged – the number of unique users who entered the journey.
  • Inside the Journey – the number of users who are traveling the journey at the time (i.e. have not reached the Exit element yet).
  • Achieved goals – shows how many unique users performed any of the Conversion Goals set for the journey.
  • Average CTR – average CTR for all messages sent within the journey.
  • User drop-offs – the number of users who were removed from the journey due to some issues (for example, users being unregistered from the app and thus unreachable or those who did not comply with the Time Delay conditions based on user tags or behavior).
To see detailed statistics, click on Show Details. You will see Conversion Goals and Communications stats for each goal and message included in the journey.
Detailed stats are shown for a specified period.
Statistics are updated in the real-time mode.

Selecting period

By default, Customer Journey Builder displays stats for all the time since the journey launch. To select a specific period, expand the Time period dropdown and select one of the preset periods or set a custom one:

Messages statistics

For each communication point, be it Push or Email, detailed stats are available. Take a glance at the key metrics by hovering over the messaging element:
  • Sent – the total number of messages sent to users at this step
  • Opened / Clicked – the number of messages opened by users
  • Conversion – the ratio of the users who opened the message to the number of message recipients
  • Goals reached – the number of users reached the Conversion Goal at this point
  • Drop-offs – the number of messages that couldn't be sent for some reason (for example, if a user push token had expired)
Double-click on the message element to see its statistics: the number of sent and opened messages, the conversion rate, and drop-offs. To see the reasons for drop-offs and the number of drop-offs for each cause, expand the Drop-offs block.
To get the detailed message stats, press Full Statistics – you'll be redirected to your Pushwoosh Control Panel showing that message's performance details.

API endpoint for getting Journey stats

Obtains stats for a specific journey by its ID. You can find the journey ID in the URL of the journey canvas page:
Journey ID
Authorize by API access token and send an empty request to the endpoint.
Request example
curl --location --request GET '<journey_id>/statistics/external' \
--header 'Authorization: Api <YOUR API TOKEN>'
Response example
"payload": {
"title": "Journey Title",
"points": [
"pointTitle": "First Point Title",
"campaignCode": "AAAAA-00000",
"presetCode": "12345-67890",
"pointStat": {
"sent": 22648,
"opened": 60,
"uniqOpened": 60,
"conversion": 0.26492405510420347