Customer Journey Builder
Customer Journey is a single-interface marketer tool to create a cross-channel customer experience. Customer Journey allows you to keep track of user behavior and send relevant behavior-based messages to customers on every stage of their lifecycle.
Get benefits from Customer Journey campaigns mapping:
    Set up your campaigns faster Create chains of push notifications & emails launched by a user’s actions
    Keep your campaigns organized Cross-channel messaging displayed in one place. See the whole picture and coordinate your messages with Customer Journey mapping.
    Optimize the performance Track the results of your campaigns and fine-tune your messages to improve their efficiency, increase customer retention and reach your goals faster.
Visual campaign builder makes it easier to plan your communications. Customer Journey dashboard consists of journey elements and the canvas where you visualize your campaigns.
Communicating with customers throughout their journey — from prospects to brand advocates — you improve your business results and achieve your KPIs efficiently.
With the Customer Journey, building your marketing campaigns is simple, visualized, and providing all the significant touchpoints are covered.
Before starting, make sure everything is set up for your account. You'll find all the necessary info in the prerequisites guide:
Take a look at journey elements to learn more about its functionality:
Create your very first journey with Pushwoosh Demo App by following our step-by-step guide:
Learn how to gather journey stats and measure its effectiveness:
Create perfect customer experience with behavior-triggered sequences of communications bringing users through their lifecycle!
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