Firefox Configuration

How to configure Firefox web push notifications


Firefox Web Push Notifications allow you to address the audience of your website. Users will only receive messages from sites for which they have granted permission.

Firefox Web Push Notifications are not allowed for mobile devices yet, but Mozilla is reportedly working on it. Consequently, Firefox will support mobile web pushes in next versions of their browser.

Get the Firebase API key and Sender ID

1. Open your Firebase Console and choose the project you created during the integration stage.

2. Go to Your Project > Project settings.

3. In Cloud Messaging tab find Server Key and Sender ID:

Configure Firefox

To configure Firefox platform, select the app you want to send pushes to and click Configurefor Firefox.

Input the following in Firefox platform settings:

  • FCM Sender ID

  • FCM server API key

Don't forget to check the Enable Firefox notifications checkbox.

Please note that Firefox pushes require https websites; Firefox pushes will not work with self-signed certificates (https/ssl). Use an SSL certificate signed by trusted Authority;

Push notifications don't work in "Private" mode.

Make sure to integrate the Web Push SDK 3.0 into your Firefox project.