Compliance with Google policies on requesting access to location in the background

Google requirements on location tracking

According to Google policies, developers must comply with the following requirements when publishing the app to the Play Store:

  • You should never request location permission from users for the sole purpose of advertising or analytics.

  • Background location may only be used to provide features beneficial to the user and relevant to the core functionality of the app.

Read the Play Console Help article for more details.

How to comply

Pushwoosh provides a pushwoosh-location module that can be used to send location-based pushes via the Geozones functionality.

If your app needs to track location in the background as it provides the app core functionality, you may need to undergo a Google approval process to keep the application in the Play Store or publish it for the first time.

Read the Play Console Help article for more details.

Otherwise, we suggest removing the module from dependencies and re-publish the app. Find instructions for your framework below.


Remove the following dependency line from your app/build.gradle:

implementation "com.pushwoosh:pushwoosh-location:6.2.8"

Adobe Air

Remove the following dependency from app.xml:


Appcelerator Titanium

Remove the following line from tiapp.xml:

<module platform="android">com.pushwoosh.geozones</module>

Cordova / PhoneGap / Ionic

Remove the line from config.xml:

<plugin name="pushwoosh-geozones-cordova-plugin" />


Remove the dependency from the package.json file:



Remove the dependency from pubspec.yaml:



Remove the dependency:



Remove the dependency:


Unity / Unreal Engine

Unity and Unreal Engine plugins do not support Geozones.