Configure Baidu

Register with Baidu to start sending push notifications to Chinese audience

There's a list of prerequisites for using Baidu as a gateway for Android push notifications and communicating with your Chinese audience:

This guide will help you register with Baidu, create a Baidu Developer account, and generate the set of keys required for configuring push notifications.

Create a Baidu Account

Go to Baidu portal and click 登录 (Log in). Once the login window pops up, click 立即注册 (Register now) to register a new account.

Enter the following details:

  1. Phone number

  2. Username (must not exceed 14 characters)

  3. Password (8-14 characters; uppercase, lowercase, and numbers required)

  4. Verification code (click gray button to the right of the field to receive one)

  5. Accept license agreement

Log In to Baidu Cloud Push

Once you are logged into the Baidu account, hover the cursor over 更多产品 (More products) until you see a vertical ribbon with icons. On the ribbon, click 全部产品 (All products).

On the products page, scroll down until you see a section 站长与开发者服务 (Webmaster and developer services) and click 百度云推送 (Baidu Cloud Push).

On Baidu Cloud Push webpage, click 登录 (Login) and enter your credentials.

You will be asked to verify your login.

  1. Check if your phone number is correct.

  2. Click 发送验证码 (Send verification code) to get a code.

  3. Enter the code into the field to the left of the Send Code button.

  4. Click 确定 (Confirm) to proceed.

Once you are logged in, click 创建应用 (Create an app) to create an application.

Before you create an app, you will be asked to create a Baidu Developer account first.

Register as a Baidu Developer

Fill in the following details:

  1. Full Name

  2. Email address

  3. Phone number

  4. Company name (optional)

  5. Website (optional)

Lastly, enter the captcha and check the box to agree with terms of use.

If things went well, you would be asked to check your email and click the activation link that was sent to your email address.

Check the mailbox you've specified in the previous step and click the activation link in an email you received from Baidu.

The following window confirms that you are now successfully registered as a Baidu Developer.

Create a Cloud Push project

Open Cloud Push Console and click 创建新应用 (Create a new app) to create an application in Baidu Cloud Push.

For some accounts, there is no button for creating a new app for some reason, and you are asked to write an email to [email protected] to request one. If this is the case, follow this link to create a new app.

Give your app a name and click 创建应用 (Create an app).

Once the app is created, select the Android platform and specify the unique package name, such as in the example below. When you are done, click 保存 (Save).

When the app is configured and saved, click 应用配置 (App configuration) to get the authentication keys.

On the app configuration page, you will see the API key and the Secret key. Copy those and insert them into the corresponding fields in Pushwoosh configuration for Baidu platform.

Configure Baidu platform in Pushwoosh Control Panel

Go to Pushwoosh Control Panel > Your Application > Configure and open the Baidu platform settings.

Insert API key and Secret key from your Baidu Cloud Push project to the respective fields in Pushwoosh Configuration, select your framework and save the changes.

Now the Baidu platform is fully configured, and you can proceed with integrating the Baidu plugin into your project.