Adjust Integration
Adjust is a mobile measurement tool allowing you to analyze your marketing efficiency and make smarter marketing decisions based on the full picture of users behaviors.
Being integrated with Pushwoosh, Adjust submits in-app events to your Pushwoosh app so that you can get the exhaustive analytics and build comprehensive user-centric marketing campaigns.
To connect your Adjust app to Pushwoosh, do the following:
    Integrate the Pushwoosh SDK into your app and configure mobile platforms for the app in Pushwoosh Control Panel. If you have done it already, skip this step.
    Create Events you’re going to trigger from the Adjust app.

Integrate Pushwoosh SDK

In case you have no Pushwoosh SDK integrated into your app, please refer to our step-by-step integration guides:

Configure platforms

If needed, configure app platforms in Pushwoosh Control Panel by following the corresponding guides:

Create Events

To set up transmitting in-app events from Adjust to Pushwoosh, create Events in your Pushwoosh Control Panel. Please note that Events should be created before connecting Pushwoosh to Adjust project.
Please refer to the Events guide to learn how to create Events and attributes.
There’s a list of events with predefined names. Please make sure that you use these names while creating events in Pushwoosh exactly as follows:

Connect Adjust to Pushwoosh

    In your Adjust dashboard, go to Partner Setup and press Add partners.
2. Search for Pushwoosh and press + button.
3. Activate the Pushwoosh module by entering your Pushwoosh app code.
4. To set up transmitting in-app events from Adjust to Pushwoosh, go to Event Linking. For each event created in your Adjust app, enter the corresponding Pushwoosh Event name. Then, press OK to save changes.
If you’re going to use the same names for Adjust and Pushwoosh events, press Fill all with event names.
For more details, please refer to the Adjust guide on integrating Pushwoosh.

Parameters transferred to Pushwoosh

Automatically transmitted parameters

Here’s a list of parameters which are automatically transmitted from Adjust to Pushwoosh when the module is activated:
    Raw device IDs
    App metadata
    Tracker token
    Full tracker names
    Last tracker
    Last tracker name
    Partial tracker names
    Impression Based flag
    Organic flag
    Click referrer
    Activity Kind
    Timestamps (rounded to the nearest hour)
    Hashed device IDs
    Attribution method
    Adjust reference tag
    Referrer values
    User agents
    IP addresses
    Event tokens
    Time spent
    Session metadata
    App lifetime session count
    Reattribution flag
    Deep link data
    All partner parameters (if you activate them)
    Revenue data (if you activate it)
    Ad Spend (Cost) data
    Google click IDs
    OS name and versions

Sending custom parameters

You can send any custom parameters from Adjust to Pushwoosh. Any parameters that you send in the Adjust SDK will be forwarded to Pushwoosh. Please refer to the Adjust documentation to learn more.
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