Send targeted messages to chosen segments

Send your push notifications to the right audience
Watch this video from our Customer Success team to learn how to work with Segments in Pushwoosh.

Sending a one-time push to a Segment

Now that you know how to do all the prep work for segmenting your audience, you’re all set to send highly targeted pushes to some of your users but not others. Remember, the more targeted your push notifications are, the more likely your audience will be to act on those pushes. Audience segmentation using Pushwoosh Tags and Filters is the key to effective user engagement and a powerful marketing strategy.
To send a one-time push notification to a Segment, press the Send Push button for the segment you'd like to target. You'll be taken to the One-time push section, where that segment is already selected in the Segmentation parameters.

Sending targeted messages via API

To send targeted messages via API, please refer to the /createMessage or /createTargetedMessage API Reference section.