Projects basics

All marketing automation in Pushwoosh is conducted within projects. You already have a project pre-created for your account — the demo one called Pushwoosh Demo App. Using it, you can try out Pushwoosh functionality with no coding and any additional efforts, just having the app installed or the website opened in your browser.
To start using Pushwoosh with your own sandbox or production project, go to the Applications section of your Control Panel and press Add new.
Select a project type: Mobile Push, Web Push, or Email. Each of these project types has its own purposes and capabilities; each project is configured with platform-specific credentials and is used for communications through a particular channel.
Be aware that a project of a particular type is configured for mobile, web, or email only. To perform cross-platform communications within a single project, press Create a multi-platform project.

Mobile Push project

Mobile push notifications let you deliver relevant and personalized content to your app users at the most appropriate moments. Users see mobile push notifications even if their phone is locked, so these messages are quite hard to ignore — this allows you to communicate valuable info to your customers, engage app users in interactions with your brand, and create a perfect user experience.
Mobile Push projects in Pushwoosh have vast opportunities for automation, which makes your marketing strategies work like a charm. Personalized and precisely targeted, mobile pushes help establish long-term customer relationships.

Web Push project

For Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
Timely delivered web push notifications are effective for boosting website traffic and increasing conversions. Sliding on a screen while users are surfing the web, push notifications are pretty hard to ignore and capture attention easily.
Web push notifications cover the wide range of use cases: turning website visitors into mobile app users, converting prospects into repeat buyers, encouraging purchases, etc.
A major advantage of web push notifications is that they give you the ability to engage users without knowing their contact details. Web push notifications don't need a user's email or any other data. If a user once visited your website and gave their permission to send them notifications, they can receive notifications anytime.

Email project

For sending emails to your customers
Sending emails via Pushwoosh, you strengthen your marketing strategies with the most widespread communication channel. Though push notifications tend to become pervasive on customer communications, email messaging remains quite an effective marketer's tool with high open rates and ROI.
With an email, you can provide detailed info on users' transactions, follow-up your push notifications with the offer's details, send newsletters and personalized updates, etc.