iOS Token-based Configuration

For faster communication with APNs, you can configure your iOS project by token-based authentication.
To learn more, please check out the Apple Developer docs.
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    Obtain an Encryption Key and Key ID obtained from Apple.
Log in to your Apple Developer account and navigate to the Keys section from the left menu. Press + to create a new key. In the Key Description field, enter a unique key name; then, enable the APNs in the Key Services section.
Copy the Key ID, which is a 10-character string, and download the authentication token signing key, which is a text file with a .p8 file extension.
2. Add the Key ID and signing key to your Pushwoosh iOS project.
Paste the Key ID into the corresponding field of the Pushwoosh iOS project configuration form.
Upload the signing key file (.p8 file you've downloaded from Apple) to the Auth Key field of the configuration form.
3. Enter your Apple Developer Team ID and Bundle ID.
To get your Team ID, go to your Apple Developer account and navigate to the Membership section. You can find a Bundle ID in the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section of your Apple Developer console.
4. Carefully choose between Sandbox and Production gateways.
5. Press Configure to complete the configuration.
To check whether the iOS platform's configured successfully, send a test push or target a message to a specific device. For guidelines, see the Test your integration page.