Managing projects

Creating projects

Once you log in to the Control Panel, the Applications page opens. Here, you’ll see the projects created in your account. Choose one to continue with or create a new one.
To create a project, press the Add new button at the top right.
Select a project type: Mobile Push, Web Push, or Email.

Mobile project

Here, enter the title of your app. It’ll be shown in your Control Panel and displayed as a default push title you’re able to customize while sending push notifications.
You can choose an icon to be displayed next to the app name in that app’s push notifications – press the Browse button and upload the image.
Select the SDK used in your mobile project.
By checking the I want to add my account checkbox, you authorize Pushwoosh to shorten links you send in your messages with your own Using your own account assures all your messages are shortened and sent properly as you control the shortener limits by yourself.
Daily App Performance Reports are sent for the apps with 5o subscribers or more. You can unsubscribe from reports at any time.
Press Save application, then go to configuring platforms.

Web project

Select HTTPS or HTTP depending on the protocol you use, enter the name and URL of your site. The site name will be displayed in the title of your notification by default. Also, you can add the icon here.
Press Create, then configure the web project by following the guide. To configure Safari, see the Safari configuration how-to.

Email project

Enter the project name, upload an icon, and press Create. You'll be taken to the configuration page; configure the email project by verifying your domain and address. See the guide for details.

Project details

To see project details, choose the project from the list, and click its name at the top left of the page.
Here, the app code can be copied to the clipboard with a single click.
  • The number of enabled devices shows how many devices are reachable with push notifications (i.e., they have push tokens assigned by cloud messaging gateways).
  • Total devices are the devices registered for this app with or without push tokens. They are reachable with In-Apps even there’s no push token assigned. To see the list of all your projects, press Manage projects.

Editing projects

To edit project settings or configuration, choose the project, then go to the Settings section.
Here, you can:
  • configure or re-configure project platforms (iOS, Android, Chrome, etc.),
  • edit project’s title and change its icon,
  • manage API tokens access permissions,
  • create and edit Deep Links taking users directly to the specific app pages when they open push messages,
  • add Test Devices to test your messages before sending to subscribers,
  • set permissions for sub-users to see or manage this particular project.

Deleting projects

To delete a project, go to the projects list (Manage projects). Click on any of the platforms next to the project name, scroll down to the bottom, and press Delete application. The project will be removed from your account; please note all the project's user base will be removed as well.