Subscribe users
Once the project is configured and the SDK is integrated, provide users can subscribe to your push notifications and emails — otherwise, you won't be able to communicate to them.


To let users opt-in for push notifications, use the topic-based or custom Subscription Prompt — a handy tool to manage subscriptions and encourage users to subscribe. The topic-based Subscription prompt lets you create different segments for users with different content preferences and send perfectly relevant messages based on what users prefer to receive from you. Custom Subscription Prompt gives you a way to create a unique solution for your own cases and build a subscription prompt fitting your app most.
To migrate the existing mobile user base to a newly created or any other app, please apply to our Customer Support team, as described in the article.


To provide your website visitors can opt-in for push notifications, implement the custom, default, or topic-based Subscription Prompt on your site. The prompt triggers the native subscription request pop-up in the user's browser, which, in turn, enables or blocks web push notifications for your site.
Web users cannot be imported due to technical limitations of web platform — push providers use different payload formats as well as platform configuration, which makes import basically useless, as the user base would be either invalidated or would be receiving blank/wrong content.


To let users subscribe to your emails, collect their emails by custom opt-in form and use the /registerEmail API method to register new email subscribers for Pushwoosh.
To import the existing email user base, upload a CSV file with users' emails.
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