Targeted Push
Increase marketing relevance with audience segmentation
Improve the efficiency of push messaging by increasing its relevance. Target messages to specific segments of your audience based on users' behaviors and preferences.
First, go to the Segments (Filters) section of your Pushwoosh Control Panel. Here, you can manage segments of your audience based on Tag values users have on their devices.
For example, to send a push notification to users who have purchased some item in the app, create a filter with the "In-App Purchase" Tag. Set its value not to be equal to 0.
When configuring a push message, choose a filter to target users purchased something in the app.
Enter the text of your push notification in the Message tab.
Scroll to the bottom and click Woosh!
Well done! Customers who made an in-app purchase will receive your push message.
To learn more about Audience Segmentation, refer to our guide.
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