Rich Media Push

Make your messages attractive and interactive
The more eye-catching your messages are, the more likely users are to interact with them. Make your push messages more attractive, interactive, and engaging with Rich Media pages attached. Rich Media is a rich content page displayed in a web view of the app. Rich Media pages can contain images, videos, buttons, customized text, and other media.
First, you have to prepare Rich Media pages to attach to your push notification. Refer to the Rich Media guide to learn more. To attach a Rich Media to a push message, go to the Action tab of the Send Push form.
By default, tap on the push message opens the app. Check the Show Rich Media box to open the app and display a Rich Media page once a user taps a push.
Here, you can choose one of the Rich Media pages created in your Pushwoosh Control Panel or add URL of a remote Rich Media page. Once you select a Rich Media, you will see its preview. To edit the Rich Media, go to the Rich Media section of the Pushwoosh Control Panel.
For Android devices, you can toggle Lock screen notification to display Rich Media right on the lock screen of the user's device.
Type the text on the Message tab, scroll to the bottom, and click Woosh!
That's it!
To learn more about Rich Media pages, please refer to our guide .