Personalized push

Establish personal relationships with every user
You can personalize not only the text of the message but other push content as well. Particularly, personalizing of titles, subtitles, headers, icons, and root params are available. The flow is the very same as for push content, so follow the steps below to add a personal touch to every notification's element.
To increase open rates of your campaigns, add a personal touch by using Personalization in your push messages. Personalize push messages' content with Tag values your users have on their devices.
Tags are a tool to collect data associated with a particular user or device. Each Tag is a set of values describing users' personal info and preferences. Tag values can contain any arbitrary data, whether it’s a username, ID, city, gender, favorite football team, preferred news categories, etc.
For example, to send a message addressing users by name, choose the Name Tag from the Dynamic content drop-down.
Select a format modifier for a chosen Tag value. For example, pick the CapitalizeFirst modifier to capitalize the first character of the user's name.
Enter a Default tag value to be used in case there are no values of the chosen Tag specified for a particular user. For example, type "friend" to address users who didn't specify their name.
Type the text of your push message in the text area and click Insert to paste the Dynamic Content.
If the checkbox Ignore non-tagged is ticked, the push message will be sent only to those users that have a value for the Tag selected.
Scroll to the bottom and click Woosh!
That's it!
To learn more about the Dynamic Content, please refer to our guide.