Inbox Push
Give users time to think your offers over
Message Inbox lets you keep the most important messages in the app, giving users a chance to re-read them at any time. Save messages to the Inbox to give customers time to think your offers over!
To save a message to the Inbox, go to the Action tab of the Send Push form and tick the Save to Inbox checkbox.
Make sure you've subscribed to push notifications as per Push On guide.
By default, messages are kept in the Inbox for one day, but you can specify a date to remove a message from users' Inbox.
Enter a URL in the Inbox image URL field to show a custom image next to the message in users' Inbox.
Scroll to the bottom and press Woosh!
That's it! The message is saved to your Push On Inbox. Open the app or go to to check it out!
To integrate Message Inbox into your mobile app or website, please follow the guides:
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