Custom Action Push
Choose what users see after opening a push
By default, tap on a push message opens the app. But there are several options to customize actions performed after a user taps a push. Open a URL in the user's browser, take users directly to specific app pages, or catch their attention with rich content.
To create a Custom Action push, go to the Action tab of the Send Push section in your Pushwoosh Control Panel.


Here, you can add a link to be opened in a browser after a user taps a push notification. Choose the URL option on the Action tab and insert URL in the corresponding field.
You can choose the URL shortener from the drop-down to the right of the URL field or use no shortener for the link attached. Please note that push notification payload size is limited, so consider creating short URLs not to exceed the limit.
Google URL Shortener is disabled as of March 30, 2019. The only shortener available currently is

Rich Media

Rich Media is a custom rich content page that opens in a web view of the app after a user taps a push. You can attach images, videos, CTAs, or other media content to your push message, making it more eye-catching and interactive. To learn more about Rich Media, please refer to the guide.

Deep Link

Deep Link opens a specific section of the app when the push is tapped. With Deep Links, you can take users directly to a new app content, promo pages, special offers, etc. To add a Deep Link, go to the Deep Links section of the corresponding app in your Pushwoosh Control Panel. Once you have a Deep Link created, you can select it from the drop-down on the Action tab. To learn more about Deep Linking, see the guide.

Custom Data

To specify additional push parameters, add Custom Data to your push message. Custom Data is a JSON {"key": "value"} object describing actions to be performed. To learn more about Custom Data, please refer to our guide.