Behavior-based Messages
Save time and efforts with automated messaging
Increase the relevance of your marketing campaigns with automated behavior-based messaging. Push notifications and in-app messages triggered on users' interactions with the app let you save efforts on marketing messaging and improve its efficiency. Relevant and well-timed, automated user-focused messages have higher engagement rates and increase customer retention.


Events are a powerful tool helping you understand users' behavior. An Event is a way to signal Pushwoosh that a specific action occurred in the app. Associate a particular action with an Event to use it as a trigger for push and in-app messages. To learn more about Events, please refer to our guide.


When configuring a push or email message, you can save its configuration as a Preset. Presets allow you to send same messages several times without time-consuming setup, and also serve as a prerequisite for some Pushwoosh automation features such as Triggered Messages and Recurring pushes. To learn more about Presets, please refer to our guide.

Recurring push

Save your time and efforts with automated push notifications based on scheduling and targeting rules, and forget about push messaging routine. Set up Autopushes sent periodically to specific segments of your audience to increase user retention and re-engage churning users. To learn more about Autopushes implementation, please refer to our step-by-step guide.

In-App Messages

Reach 100% of your audience with behavior-based in-app messages that don’t need a prior consent. Engage users who are active in the app by displaying Rich Media pages while the app is launched. Depending on users interactions with the app, in-app messages are deeply contextual and relevant to users, which allows you to improve the efficiency of your digital marketing. To learn more about In-App Messaging, please refer to our step-by-step guide.

Rich Media

In-App Message is a Rich Media page displayed in app's webview after the triggering Event occurs. Rich Media is a deeply customized page containing images, videos, and other media content. Rich Media pages and don’t interrupt app performance so users can easily return to the app after closing the page. To learn more about Rich Media, please refer to our guide.
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