Rich Media

This guide addresses how to create and use Rich Media pages


Reach a brand new level of engagement! Interact with your users by attaching Rich Media pages to your push notifications and in-app messages. Rich Media is a simple-to-use tool to send deeply customized messages containing images, videos, and other media content. Rich Media pages are displayed in app's webview and don’t interrupt app performance so users can easily return to the app after closing the page.

To use Rich Media as an in-app message, please follow the In-App Messages guide.

Follow three easy steps to get your Rich Media ready!

Create Rich Media

To create a Rich Media page, go to the Rich Media tab in your Pushwoosh Control Panel. Click Add Rich Media and choose one of the ready-made templates, or upload your own .zip archive containing your custom Rich Media (see the Rich Media Templates syntax guide).

Customize Rich Media

Customize the Rich Media appearance according to your goals and preferences. Change the following parameters to make your Rich Media page distinctive and impressive. Save changes to make newly created Rich Media available for further use.

Use Rich Media

To attach the Rich Media page to your push notification, go to the Send Push tab in the Pushwoosh Control Panel and select the Rich Media from the list.

To display Rich Media as an in-app message, go to the In-Apps tab and select the Rich Media on the first step: