Android Lockscreen Push

This tutorial will show you how to use Android Lockscreen Push Feature

Your message goes right to Android Lockscreen! Don't underestimate the power of Lockscreen push. It surely grabs user's attention, so make sure you send something very useful to your users!

Sending Lockscreen push on Android

It's very simple. On Rich Media Action screen check "Lock screen notification" checkbox.

Now lock your Android screen, woosh... And voila! You can see your Rich Media right on the Lock Screen!

Opening links from Android Lockscreen

Pushwoosh SDK handles the following links from Rich Media.

  • URL - Any HTTP/HTTPS url will be opened in a Browser on a device after user unlocks the device (if lock screen security is present).

  • Deep Links - Deep links (ex: myapp://deeplink) are fully supported! And will be launched after user unlocks the device.

  • There are two custom pre-defined deeplinks as well: pushwoosh://open - will open your app, pushwoosh://close - will dismiss the Rich Media from the lock screen once a users presses Android standard Back button.