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Push & Email Presets

Save push and email messages as Presets and re-use them as many times as you need


With Push and Email Presets, you no longer need to configure messages again and again. Save a message configuration as a preset and re-use it as many times as you want.
Apply Push Presets to set up Autopushes, Customer Journeys, and Geozones, or select a preset to send a one-time message in two clicks.
Use Email Presets in Customer Journeys or re-send them in one-time emails with no time-consuming configurations.

Create Presets

To create a Preset, go to Presets section of the Pushwoosh Control Panel and press Add new preset:
You can save any message when configuring it on the Send Push or Send Email form.

Push Presets

Configure a push notification on the Send Push tab of your Pushwoosh Control Panel.
If you're going to use the Preset as an Autopush, Triggered Message, or Geozone message, make sure to select a campaign to simplify gathering statistics.
Scroll to the bottom, check the summary, and press Save Preset.
If any segmentation rules are saved in a Push Preset, they are applied to Triggered Messages and Autopushes you send with that preset.
Creating Presets is also available via the /createPreset API request.

Email Presets

Fill in the forms of the "Creative" step of the Send Email form and press the Save Preset button.
To create a targeted email preset, choose a segment or enter a list of email addresses on the Audience step of the Send Email form. Then, save a preset.
If any segmentation rules are saved in a Email Preset, they are applied to Triggered Messages and Autoemails you send with that preset.

Use Presets

To send a preset in a push notification or email message, go to the Presets section and choose the one to use:
For push messages, you can select a Push Preset on the Send Push form when creating a new message:
When sent via API, specific params of the API request override the preset's ones. So, for example, if you send the "Hello" title in your /createMessage request and specify the preset with the "Hi" title in the same request, the message will be sent with the "Hello" title but all other preset params.
To use presets for automated messaging, please refer to the corresponding guides: