Search for users
There are several ways to search for a particular user or a segment of users. Depending on goals you're going to reach, you can search by an existing audience segment (i.e., Filter created in your Pushwoosh account), create a new segment for User Explorer search, or search specific users by their User ID.

Creating a segment

    To search for a segment of users who meet some conditions you specify, select the New Segment option from the dropdown.
    Then, choose a Tag to apply. The dropdown menu contains all Tags created in your Pushwoosh account. You can add as many conditions as needed. The segment will include customers who comply with all the conditions specified.
    Choose an operator relating the Tag and its values. Each Tag type has its own list of operators available, check them out in Tags and Filters guide.
    Choose Tag values to filter by.
That's it!
Press on a user's name or User ID to look at User profile.
You can save the created segment for further use. It'll appear in Filters section in your Pushwoosh Control Panel and in the list of existing segments in User Explorer.

Choosing a segment

Another searching option is to look for the existing segment, i.e., the segment compiled by a Filter previously created in your Pushwoosh account.
To find all users included in a segment, select a Filter from the dropdown.

Search by User ID

To search for a specific user, you have to know their User ID. By default, the User ID value is equivalent to a hardware device ID (HWID). You can set custom User ID as described here.
Enter the User ID into the corresponding search field, then press Search. If there is a customer with that User ID in your database, you'll go directly to their User profile.