User-specific Tags

Collect consistent information about particular end-users

Private Offering feature

To enable User-specific Tags, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Keep your marketing customer-centric and improve user experience - collect consistent data of a particular user with User-specific Tags. Set User-specific Tags and update information about a specific user on all their devices. Update information relevant to a particular userID no matter how many devices it’s assigned to.


You can create User-specific Tags both in your Pushwoosh Control Panel and via the API. Note that all User-specific Tags are App-specific as well.

Pushwoosh Control Panel

To create a User-specific Tag in the Pushwoosh Control Panel, tick the checkbox "Tag type is User-specific" while adding a new one.

All default and custom Tags are displayed on Tags tab with App-specific/User-specific properties.

Pushwoosh API

To add User-specific Tag via the API call the addTag method with "user-specific" boolean field.

"request": {
"auth": "yxoPUlwqm…………pIyEX4H", // API access token from Pushwoosh Control Panel
"tag": {
"name": "favorites",
"type": 3,
"application_specific": true, // or 'false'. Defines whether the tag value should be different for multiple apps or be the same across multiple apps
"user_specific": true // or 'false', used for application_specific tags


If a setTags request contains User-specific Tag and userID, Tag value will synchronize for all devices with userID specified.

"application": "XXXXX-XXXXX", // Pushwoosh application code
"hwid": "8f65b16df378e7a6bece9614e1530fb2", // hardware device ID used in /registerDevice function call
"userId": "the id of a specific user",
"tags": {
"UserSpecificStringTag": "string value",
"UserSpecificIntegerTag": 42