CSV Push

Send push notifications using a CSV file

Enterprise feature

Use your own data warehouse to segment and engage your audience.

To use the CSV push feature you'll need:

  • Configured push preset for push notification
  • CSV file with device identifiers exported from your data warehouse

Sending a CSV Push

1. Go to your application in Pushwoosh Control Panel and click CSV Push tab.

2. Hit the Upload CSV file button and browse for a *.csv file with the device identifiers.

3. Select a column with the device identifiers from the uploaded CSV file.

Supported device identifiers:

  • HWID — Pushwoosh Hardware ID taken from Pushwoosh SDK
  • Push Token — Device push token
  • User ID — external user ID set for the device (See Push by User ID for more information).

4. Specify column type.

5. Select a preset and a date for the push message.
Now you are good to go. Press Woosh to set it live!

CSV Push

Send push notifications using a CSV file