Marmalade SDK

Integrating Pushwoosh SDK into your Marmalade project

Supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Pushwoosh extension requires Marmalade v8.3.0p2 or newer for Android platform

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To integrate Pushwoosh into your Marmalade application:

  1. Download Marmalade Pushwoosh s3e extension.

  2. Include the extension in your mkb file by adding s3ePushWoosh subproject: subproject ../s3ePushWoosh

  3. Add the following push notifications callbacks in your code:

int32 OnPushRegistered(char* token, void* userData)
    // TODO: handle push notifications registration here
    return 0;
int32 OnPushReceived(char* text, void* userData)
    // TODO: handle push notifications here
    // push notifications comes as JSON string payload:
    //     {"aps":{
    //             alert = "Hello from Pushwoosh!";
    //             sound = default;
    //         },
    //         "onStart":1
    //     }
    return 0;
int32 OnPushRegisterError(char* error, void* userData)
    // TODO: handle push registration error here
    return 0;
  1. In your main function add:

Windows Phone

Do not forget to put your Pushwoosh App ID instead of ENTER_YOUR_PUSHWOOSH_APP_ID_HERE!

You can ignore this parameter for other platforms.

if (s3ePushWooshNotificationsAvailable())
    s3ePushWooshRegister(S3E_PUSHWOOSH_REGISTRATION_SUCCEEDED, (s3eCallback)&OnPushRegistered, 0);
    s3ePushWooshRegister(S3E_PUSHWOOSH_MESSAGE_RECEIVED, (s3eCallback)&OnPushReceived, 0);
    s3ePushWooshRegister(S3E_PUSHWOOSH_REGISTRATION_ERROR, (s3eCallback)&OnPushRegisterError, 0);

For iOS make sure you use custom Info.plist and add the following information there:


For Android make sure you use custom AndroidManifest.xml provided at

In the same manifest change the value of “PW_APPID” to your Pushwoosh Application ID. Also change the value of PW_PROJECT_ID to your GCM Project Number. The GCM Project Number is a number but make sure you prefix it with the letter “A” or "\ " as in the example below:

<meta-data android:name="PW_APPID" android:value="YOUR_PUSHWOOSH_APPLICATION_ID" />
<meta-data android:name="PW_PROJECT_ID" android:value="\ GOOGLE_PROJECT_NUMBER" />

For Windows Phone make sure you have enabled ID_CAP_PUSH_NOTIFICATION capability in your project.


That’s it! How easy is that?

Marmalade SDK

Integrating Pushwoosh SDK into your Marmalade project