GCM to FCM Migration

Follow the steps below to enable the FCM (GCM) service for your Android project

Please pay attention!

The following steps will also help you to enable Cloud Messaging for your Android app in case you already had GCM configured but Credentials became invalid due to the last Google update.

Enable FCM and Get Credentials

1. Go to https://console.firebase.google.com/ and import your Google project to Firebase.

2. Check if you selected a correct Project, select a Country and click Add Firebase.

3. Go to the Project Settings and select Cloud Messaging.

4. Copy the provided Firebase Cloud Messaging Token and Sender ID to your Pushwoosh Control Panel.


Check that the Google Project Number (GCM Sender ID) in your AndroidManifest.xml file matches the one in your Firebase Console.

5. Here’s the API key you will need to configure your application in Pushwoosh Control Panel.

Go to the Pushwoosh Control Panel

6. In your application click on Android->Edit to change the configuration for Android application.

7. Copy your Firebase Cloud Messaging Token to the API Key.

8. Copy your Sender ID to the GCM Sender ID field.

GCM Sender ID

GCM Sender ID is a unique numerical value created when you configure your Google project (given as Project Number in the Google Developers Console and as Sender ID in the Firebase console). In order to locate your Project Number please go to Android FAQ

That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?

MismatchSenderID error

If you see “MismatchSenderID” errors in your Push History, please try the following:

  • Check that the Google Project Number in your app matches the one in your Google Developers Console.

  • Firebase is deprecating Server Keys and replacing them with Firebase Cloud Messaging Tokens, and occasionally Server Keys may just stop working. If you still use Server Key as the API key when configuring your Pushwoosh Android app and get the MismatchSenderID error, please make sure to use Firebase Cloud Messaging Token instead of the Server Key.

GCM to FCM Migration

Follow the steps below to enable the FCM (GCM) service for your Android project