Android Runtime

Android Runtime apps for BlackBerry 10

Integrating Pushwoosh into your BlackBerry Android Runtime app is fast and easy:

Before you begin you should already have an Android app integrated with Pushwoosh. If you don’t, follow the guides for Native Android Java development
or any other supported cross-platform development tool

1. Create a .bar app file from Android .apk using the official BlackBerry guide:
Do not sign the .bar file yet!

2. Register for BlackBerry Push Notifications here:

3. Rename the .bar file to .zip and unpack it.

4. In the android folder add android.cfg with the following content:

Replace YOUR_BLACKBERRY_APP_ID with BlackBerry App Id obtained in step 2.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> 

This is what the final .bar file structure should look like:

Usually, this happens automatically during the conversion process, but make sure your manifest file contains the following permission:
Entry-Point-System-Actions: _sys_use_consumer_push

This is what the push will look like:

Please note that custom icons are not yet supported for Android Runtime.

Android Runtime

Android Runtime apps for BlackBerry 10