70% of shopping carts are abandoned. Emails recover just a few of them. Recover the rest with Abandoned Cart Recovery reminders sent via Facebook Messenger! Bring customers back to your store and get the 30% revenue increase.

How does it work?

Pushwoosh Abandoned Cart Recovery tracks the behavior of your website visitors to identify those of them who added some products to their shopping cart but never completed a purchase. Sending automated reminders via Facebook Messenger, you bring them back to their carts and prompt to complete their checkouts.

Being integrated into your web store and your Facebook business page, Pushwoosh Abandoned Cart Recovery triggers events on such customers’ actions as subscribing to Facebook messages, adding products to shopping carts, or purchasing products. Set up a cart recovery flow to remind users they forgot something in their cart and deliver the reminders through one of the most widespread channels — Facebook Messenger.

How to set it up?

1. Connect your Facebook page to Pushwoosh. That allows the Abandoned Cart Recovery Facebook app to send messages on behalf of your business page on Facebook.

2. Link your Facebook page with your website to provide the correct work of the Facebook Checkbox plugin.

3. Integrate the Pushwoosh SDK. The SDK tracks user actions and triggers corresponding events, as well as sends messages on these events and retrieves users’ data.

4. Set up the flow. Specify messages’ content and select the best time to remind users of their uncompleted purchases.

5. Activate the flow and watch the revenue grows!